Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 7 {Scarves}

Welcome to Day 7! You can find the other 31 Days posts here.

Fall weather is finally upon us! (well, some days it is, some days still feel like summer!)  With fall weather comes fall fashion, and scarves are a part of today's fashion trends.  They are an easy way to add color or a print to an outfit as well as keep you warm.  They also make a great gift for any woman, from a teenager to a grandma. (grandmas can be stylish too!)  Here are some of my favorite tutorials that I have on my list to try out.

Infinity Scarf by The Cottage Home

I just love that fabric!  The image says spring scarf, but it would definitely work for fall (and winter) with a different print (although I would probably wear that print year round, I just love the colors and don't really follow the rules :)

Ombre Infinity Scarf by A Bit of Sunshine

I really like the ombre look of this scarf, it makes it very unique.  And I like it even more with the flower clipped to the scarf!  That is one thing that I will definitely do with my scarves this season.

Ruffled Scarf by Make It and Love It

What could be better than a scarf with ruffles?  Well, not much in my opinion!  I included both pictures to show the different fabrics.  This scarf looks great in a knit or cotton.

Knit Scarf by Make It and Love It

Once again I am pointing you to Make It and Love It...awesome tutorials! I like the fabric strips on this scarf.  It adds a lot to the look but isn't too much work.

Fleece Team Scarf by Write It Down

This would be a great gift for a sports fan, even a guy!  It's not too girly and guys have to keep warm too!  And even better, it's a quick and simple sewing project.

Braided Scarf by Put Up Your Dukes

This type of scarf is all over Pinterest.  I like that you can wear it as shown or wrapped several more times to be tighter around the neck.  And that you can pick your favorite color combination.  The tutorial is detailed and seems pretty easy - definitely a beginner project if that is what you are looking for.

I really could keep going because there are so many different types of scarves and tutorials available!

Happy Friday!


  1. Just checking out your series, and I love these ideas! I'll be borrowing at least one scarf for Christmas. And maybe a quiet book, too!

  2. Thanks Georgia!! I'm glad they are helping! :)


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