Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 1 {Bow Holder}

Welcome to Day of of 31 Days of Handmade Gifts!  If you are looking for any of the other 31 Days Posts, you can click on the "31 Days of Handmade Gifts" tab or go here.  If you are wondering what the 31 days is about, you can read about it in my post yesterday

Today's gift idea is a bow holder for a little girl.  I have made two of these for friends having baby girls and they were a huge hit!  Here are the two I made.

The great thing about the bow holders is that they can be personalized with the girl's name and the colors of her room and/or bedding (which is what I did for the two above).

How to Make:
1. I used acrylic paint to paint the background on an 8x10 canvas (that has a wood frame).
2. The names and bird were cut out of cardstock using my Silhouette (because I cannot freehand paint that well).
3. I then used modge podge to attach the name to the canvas.
4. Next I used fabric glue to glue two pieces of ribbon together to be the bow holders.
5. Then I used my staple gun to attach the ribbon to the canvas.  To cover up the raw ribbon edge at the bottom I glued bows on.
6. Using ribbon I made a holder at the top and attached that using my staple gun as well.
7. And to make it an even better gift you can attach bows, flowers or hair clips to the bow holder!

Cost: Less than $10 (depending on the canvas you get and which supplies you have on hand-my canvas was on sale at JoAnn's and I only had to purchase the pink and green ribbon)

Time Commitment: About 2 hours or less (most time consuming part for me was deciding what to do!)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Day 2!


  1. So cute!!! I'll be following along!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lori! :)

  3. Love your blog... and I'm looking forward to your series! You've inspired me to make one for a friend's baby shower at the end of the month, thanks!

    Suz from WelltoDo

  4. Such a fun idea! I'm excited to read your series. I'm a fellow 31 day Blogger, blogging about 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  5. Thanks Suz! Glad you are going to make one! I'd love to see it!
    Thanks for coming by Jen! I'll be sure to come get dome fall inspiration! :)

  6. Very cute and so creative! I love homemade! I'll be back to see more!

  7. Thank you Joy! Me too, it really shows you put effort into the act of gift giving! :)


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