Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 25 {Decorated Onesies}

Welcome to Day 25! You can find the other 31 Days posts here.

Everyone knows that onesies are a necessity for a baby, so they make a great gift.  It's even better when they aren't just the store bought onesies, but are personalized and unique!  The great thing is that they don't take too long to make.  And they can be quite affordable too.  Craft stores (Michael's, JoAnn's) sell Gerber onesies in a multi-pack for about $10.  If you have a coupon you can get 5 or 6 onesies for about $5-6!  And with dye (I've used Rit dye successfully) you can make them unique colors too!
There are lots of ways to embellish a onesie...

1. Appliqued Onesies
Image Source: Bump Smitten
How adorable are these!  My favorite is the turtle.  You don't have to do anything elaborate, just a simple shape adhered with something fusible (Heat N Bond) and outlined in a simple topstitch is perfect! 

2. Simple Onesie Dress
Image Source: Prudent Baby
With just a little fabric, you can make a onesie into a complete outfit for a little girl!  Prudent Baby has a super simple tutorial for a onesie dress.  You could even embellish the top to add to the cute factor!

3.  Painted Onesie
Image Source: Faye Dodges Zombies
I love this one and will definitely be making it for our little girl!  The flower stems were painted on with a freezer paper stencil and the flowers are fabric circles sewed on.  You could also use rosettes and use fabric glue to adhere them (that stuff is strong!).  I'll be doing a freezer paper stencil tutorial after the 31 days, so stick around if you're interested in learning how.

4.  Heat Transfer Onesie
Image Source: Homemade By Jill

If you have a way to cut out heat transfer material (Silhouette, Cricut or super awesome scissor skills) heat transfer is a quick and simple way to embellish!  I haven't tried it with my Silhouette yet, but I will be soon!

5.  Ruffled Onesie
Image Source: UCreate
Who can resist a ruffled bum?!  I know I can't, and I'm sure other mommas would say the same!  Ruffles don't take long to make, so this could be done in less than 10 minutes.

I hope you are onesie embellishing inspired!  Have you made any embellished onesies?  Please share if you have!

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  1. I think I'm going to invest in a Cricut after Christmas! I've been trying to justify wanting one...and now I can! Adorable onesies!


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