Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 24 {Book Page Gifts}

Welcome to Day 24! You can find the other 31 Days posts here.

One of the biggest "crazes" of the craft blog land is book pages.  They are cheap (Goodwill sells books for $.50) and make unique decor.  I have gotten a lot of comments on everything I have made out of book pages (now that I think about it I think that's only three items, but people have loved them!)

Here are some of my favorite book page crafts.  I think for gift recipients that like home decor items, these would be great gift options.

Book Page Wreath

This is the book page wreath I made. (Inside the frames are more book pages).  My tutorial for the book page wreath can be found here

Glitter Book Page Ornaments

Image Source: Flea Market Style Mag
I found these on Pinterest and they are on my must make list!  I might even make some for myself they are that cute!  You just need any ornament (craft stores sell glass and plastic ones in packs and with a coupon they are quite cheap), book pages, glitter and modge podge.  A sealer would help the glitter stay in place.  I also really like the Noel tag, it gives them a great vintage look.

Rolled Book Pages Monogram 
Image Source: Little Things Bring Smiles
Ahh how cute is that!  This is just book pages rolled up and glued to a wood letter from the craft store. You could also use flat book pages or little ripped up pieces and modge podge it on.

Vintage Book Page Pomander
Image Source: Our Footprints
 This is definitely on my DIY decor to-do list!  It's so vintage and cute and would look great anywhere!  The hard part would be deciding where to put it!  You can find the tutorial over at Our Footprints.  But all you would need is a candlestick and foam ball from the dollar store, some book pages and hot glue!

What's your favorite book page craft/gift?


  1. Lauren I LOVE those ornaments! Definitely making that for myself (I'm a librarian!). Wanted to tell you that I'm making the weekly menu for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. They live back where we're from in New Orleans, so I'm going to write the days of the week in French. I think they'll love it.

  2. Love the book page glittered ornaments. I'm always amazed all over again about how creative people are. Thanks so much for sharing. Please visit my 31 Days of Orange!

  3. LLB-I love them too!! I'm a sucker for glitter and book pages (not a librarian, but in school to be a teacher so I love books!). Awesome! I'd love to see it when you're done! And I love the personal touch of the days in French!

    Mimi-me too! I wish I could have claimed this idea! :) Thanks for visiting!


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