Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ballard Designs Inspired Book Bundle

Also inspired by great bloggers I made my own Ballard Design's inspired book stack for $1.50 instead of $25 (plus shipping).  3 easy steps to have your own:

1. Buy books at thrift store ($.50 at Goodwill)
2. Rip off covers (I sanded the glue residue off).
3. Stack and tie with twine.

Now that has to be the easiest craft and decoration ever!  And I love how it looks.  The bird on top is from Michael's and the decorative ball is from a bag of vase filler from the dollar store.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Desk & Sewing Organizers

I am finally getting around to posting little projects that I've been working on!  They have been ongoing for a while and I am just getting around to finish them.  I'm one of those people that starts a lot of things and doesn't always finish...oops.

Any guess as to what these used to be?

Well if you guessed peanut cans you would be right.  First I tore off the label, cleaned the insides out with a damp soapy paper towel and let them dry.  I didn't want the silver rims so I sanded and painted them black with acrylic paint.  I wish I would have sanded more because the paint chipped easily, but I'm not concerned enough to correct it.  Then I cut scrapbook paper to the size of the can and put spray adhesive on the back of the paper.  Finish off with modge podge (I used glossy) and now I have cute organizers for my desk.  The tall one has all those odds and ends on my sewing table and the other has glue sticks.  Best part about this project is that it was FREE!

And since this project was under $20, I'm linking up with Christina for $20 Below Thursday's!

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