Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 17 {Monogram Gifts}

Welcome to Day 17! You can find the other 31 Days posts here

A great wedding or Christmas gift would be something with the couple's monogram.  I personally love displaying monograms.  It's an easy way to decorate.  Here are some monogram gifts that I have come across.

I just love these yarn wrapped monograms!  It's a pretty simple craft too, just cut out a letter from cardboard or foam memo board and wrap yarn around it.  It would definitely take less than an hour, so a great last minute gift!

I don't know if you have seen these letters from Anthropologie, but $18 is kind of a lot for one letter in my opinion.  Especially when you can make one like the B above that looks exactly like it!  All that you do is modge podge aluminum foil onto a letter from the craft store and then top it off with a little black paint.   You could make one of these for less than $5 if you have a coupon!

I love the look of a framed monogram.  This one is pretty neat as they used part of a tile back splash as the background.  Clever!  You could also use fabric or scrapbook paper as a cheaper option. 

I love this simple monogram pillow.  It would be a great wedding gift (or addition to your own decor)!  You could use iron on heat transfer material (how the one above was done - printed out from a computer) or paint it using fabric paint and a stencil (such as a freezer stencil). 

Now I want to make some monogram gifts!  See you all tomorrow for Day 18!

(I don't know if you all realized, but the first three pictures are B's!  Haha!  It was no intentional and is not the 1st initial of my last name!)

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