Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 4 {Stamped Metal Jewelry}

Welcome to Day 4 of 31 Days of Handmade Gifts!  You can find the other 31 Days posts here

Today's gift is Stamped Metal Jewelry.  I haven't made this myself yet, but I have bought a handmade necklace and plan to make some of my own stamped jewelry soon.  I chose this gift because it can be for an young girl (7-8 years old and up), teen, adult of any age, and both men and women.  I'm sure you're thinking that your guy won't wear jewelry, and you may be right, but keep reading!

Here are some of the items you could make.

A personalized necklace with name(s) or monograms:

 Image Source: Beaducation

This would be a wonderful gift for a mom, grandma, a young girl (maybe for a necklace to exchange with her friends?) or any lady on your gift list.  The necklace I have is of mine and my husband's initials, a perfect gift for a bride or newlywed!  I especially like the layered necklaces with more than one metal disc.  My second one is a cute little bird! You can also add any metal charm or bead.  My personal favorite is the pearl.  And the possibilities don't stop at names or monograms.  I have seen dates (again, great for a bride/newlywed), words, phrases or Bible verse references.  The possibilities really are endless!  As I'm sure you are aware, you could also make a bracelet or earrings, like the ones below.

Image Source: Etsy

Isn't that bracelet cute?!  It's made out of an old spoon!  And I just love the dandelion on those earrings!

Now for the gifts for guys.  If you can get that guy in your life to wear jewelry, these necklaces are great options.

Image Sources: Beaducation
The stamped message could also be anything related to a special date or favorite saying or verse of his.  My favorite stamped metal gift for a guy are these keychains made out of washers.  I especially love the different colors of the text!

Image Source: Girl In Air
Girl in Air even has a tutorial here for how to stamp metal.  The Idea Room also has a tutorial for stamped necklaces, which is probably what I will try making first.  Another great resource for stamping how-to's and ideas is Beaducation.  They have a beginning stamping checklist, free online video classes, a lot of ideas and a store to buy supplies.  There are of course other sites with similar info that you could find with a simple search (as well as a book).  My favorite part about this gift idea is that you can make almost anything with stamped metal and take care of a lot of people on your Christmas list.  And if you look around for a cheap(er) stamp set, it's a pretty affordable project!

See you tomorrow for Day 5!


  1. I totally LOVE stamped jewelry! I'm a 31-dayer making rounds - glad I found you! Please come and visit me at http://sewnso.blogspot.com/p/31-days-of-sewing.html

  2. Glad you found me as well! :) Love your 31 days topic! I have so much fun when I sew.


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