Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day 19 {Kitchen Towels}

Welcome to Day 19! You can find the other 31 Days posts here.

Last year I gave embellished flour sack towels (I bought them at Target - a pack of 4 for under $5 I think) as part of gifts (the other part was Bath & Body Works soap).  I enjoyed making them and they turned out cute!  Here are the ones I made (sorry pictures aren't the best, I was rushing).

This was done using a stamp and fabric ink.  But you can also use a stencil (freezer, vinyl, etc), fabric (with heat n bond) or heat transfer material.

This was my favorite one!  And so easy too! (I "learned" to sew right before Christmas last year! I say "learned" because I am still learning!) All I did was sew thick ribbon at the bottom of the towel.  Quick and easy.  (This ribbon was similar to grosgrain.  I tried a satin ribbon but it went horribly wrong!)

This towel was another favorite of mine.  One of the things I learned to sew almost right away was ruffles.  So I went ahead and sewed one to a towel!  It would be cute to do several rows of ruffles in different colors (hey I might have to make some of those!).

Over at Twirl they used the same flour sack towels and made them with a group.  What a fun craft night idea!  They used varying sizes of fabric scraps, decorative stitches (in fun colors) and tassels.  I love the bright colors, especially the blue Christmas fabric!

I came across this next towel idea on Pinterest.  It will be my next towel project for my own kitchen, as I am constantly finding towels not on the towel bar!

A stay-put kitchen towel...genius!    I know it's not new, but I haven't seen one recently (besides an old old one of my mom's).  And I like that you can decorate these with whatever fabric and ribbon you like!  Pin-Sew-Press has a great, easy to follow tutorial so check it out.

Embellished kitchen towels make a great Christmas, housewarming, wedding or even birthday gift.  They go great with kitchen utensils, spices, soap or even a homemade sugar scrub from yesterday!

Tomorrow is Day 20!  Wow!  That means November is around the corner...are you ready for the holidays?

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