Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Mantel {DIY Projects}

So this is a tad late, considering I am taking down my fall decorations this week and replacing them with Christmas decor!!  But better late then never, right?  Since we are only in this apartment for six months (less than two left!!) I haven't been big on decorating.  To me there's no point in pulling out all of my decorations (that I packed up reallllly well) to have to pack them up again.  But since we actually have a mantel (that doesn't have a TV on it) I can't leave that bare!  Here's what I did with the decor I have year round (that the movers packed up and unpacked).  I also added two DIY projects-the yarn wreath and fabric pumpkins.

To make the pumpkins I loosely followed this tutorial. But they are very simple to make.  Take a roll of toilet paper, wrap a piece of newspaper around that, stuffing the edges in the roll opening.  Take a fat quarter sized (18"x21") piece of fabric and wrap that around the roll the same way you did the newspaper.  There's no right way to do this, I just made sure to keep the fabric folds tighter so it kept a round-ish shape.  I did have to trim some of the corners of fabric off to get it all into the roll.  Now for the stem.  You could use a real stick, but I didn't feel like wandering around our apartment complex looking for sticks so i improvised!  I took 3 q-tips, hot glued them together and wrapped brown felt around that.  Then I finished them off with a green felt leaf!

Cost: $.88 (or FREE if you have everything!)  I had the fabric and felt on hand and picked up a 4 pack of cheap toilet paper at Kroger for $.88 (we use more expensive toilet paper so I wasn't about to use that for a craft project! haha!). 

To make the wreath I wrapped a wreath form with yarn, securing it with hot glue every few wraps around.  To cover up the wreath form I did some overlapping too.  Then I made some fall flowers out of felt and hot glued those on.   To hang it I wrapped some brown satin ribbon around the wreath.

Cost: yarn - $2.50 at Joann's + wreath form - $1.80 (normally $2.99 and used a 40% coupon at Joann's) = about $4.30  (I had the felt and ribbon on hand, and have yarn left over).

Up next, Christmas decorations!!


  1. I love the toilet paper pumpkins! I have several sitting out right now. Lovely yarn wreath, too. I like the felt flowers on yours! Great color combinations.

  2. Thanks Kristen!! The felt flowers took me the longest because I couldn't decide what I liked! :)


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