Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 10th Day of Christmas

Linking up with Caitlin for the 10th day for Christmas Decorations!!


I proudly bring you our Christmas decorations for Christmas 2010.  Remember, we live in a 900 square feet condo.  Space is not something we have a lot of so decorations are not high in numbers.  But I love what we do have!

Here's our door to greet you. 

The wall to the left when you walk in.  We recently hung the signature frames from the wedding with the wreath I made!


Our Nutcracker "calendar"


My Christmas hurricanes.  Left one filled with book page circles, tied with ribbon.  Right one filled with a white candle (the "religious" ones from the dollar store) and two red and brown picks. They are on top of a red place mat.  It looked too plain with out it.

Since our TV is on our mantle, I have to decorate the floor.  Kind of awkward, but it works.

Our tree! 

This year's ornament.  I love it!!

Our little table next to our tree.  I love eiffel towers and couldn't pass this one up on sale at Michaels.  Behind it are mosaic candle holders from Dollar Tree.  I love mosaic decorations!

Fleur di lis bowl (love love fleur di lis too!) filled with ornaments and my B&BW Spice candle.  I love their covers!

Snowmen are a fave too.  These are from my mother in law.  This one is me (I think)

And this one is Brett.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our decorations!!


  1. Great decorations! I love how you filled the one hurricane with the book pages. That's such a fun, creative decoration. Your tree looks great too. The ribbon is so pretty. Aside from how you use Dollar Tree items...that place is great. And I'm all about organizing with baskets too!

  2. thanks! They started out as ornaments, but I changed my mind! My mom uses gold ribbon on her tree every year, so I used silver on mine! It helps trees look more full of decorations, which I love! My justification when shopping @ Dollar Tree is "it's only a dollar" lol

  3. Super cute! Love all of your decorations :)

    Thanks for then encouraging comment on my blog :)

  4. Thanks!! That's what blog followers are for lol :)


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