Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the 9th Day of Christmas

Linking up with Caitlin for Wrapping Tips


I'm pretty sure this post will be short...I'm not the best at wrapping presents so I'm not much of an expert.  It always frustrated me that my sister's look so much better than mine!  I envy the people that wrap presents at fancy stores.  It always looks great!

But here are some quick tips:

1.  Don't spend too much on wrapping paper.  Yes, buy the cute paper, but not paper that's more than the present.  It's going to be ripped off anyways!  (Unless your grandmother or other family member makes you save it, but how do you reuse wrapping paper?)  This week I got 3 rolls for $1.50 at Michaels.  Normally $3, but all their Christmas stuff was 50% off.  Look for those kind of deals, which are usually after Christmas. 

2.  Use gift bags.  These are definitely reusable and are much easier for weird shaped gifts.  These are from Superior Gift Wrap where you can buy gift wrap in bulk! Some of their papers are adorable! These are my favorite: 
Ornaments on Metallic paper

Not Christmas, but some of my favorite colors! Printed on Kraft paper (eco friendly section)

Not Christmas, but I love this print!  It would be a great pillow.

This is cute and whimsical. 

3.  Use pre-wrapped boxes, and re-use them.  For a long time our Christmas presents from my parents have come in the same pre-wrapped boxes and we leave the boxes for them to use again.  They're good quality so they've lasted a while.

To keep it fun, get creative!!!  Buy Kraft paper from the dollar tree and make it your own with a bow made from thick ribbon:

Wrap with newspaper and make a pretty bow or flower out of more newspaper, scrapbook paper or a magazine page:

(These were wrapped with the stock section)
To find out how to make your own magazine bow (like the orange one) head over to How About Orange.

You can stamp the kraft paper or kraft paper gift bag:

This one's by my hero, Martha!  I might just have to use my 40% Hobby Lobby coupon to buy myself a patterned stamp!

If I had any wrapped presents I was proud of, I would show them.  But first you have to buy them.  And before that you have to make a list (well I do).  Wow, I need to get on it!

Since I ramble, this turned out to be way longer than I thought! Yay!!

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  1. Great tips! I have seen those bows before and forgot about it...thanks for sharing the link! Love the crafty ideas!


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