Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 6th Day of Christmas....

Linking up with Caitlin again for some Christmas DIY crafts.


I really should title this one the "What Was I Thinking" Craft.  Because I asked myself that several times!!!

Over at eighteen25 I really liked the glitter trees they blogged about.  So I got some supplies and got to work Saturday while hubby worked on school projects & studying all day.

My supplies:
2 styrofoam cones
2 colors of glitter
spray adhesive
2 Dollar Tree candlesticks
hot glue gun

1. Spray the top section of your first cone with the spray adhesive.  Cover with glitter.  (I recommend using two pans, one for each cone and using one sheet of aluminum foil to cover the bottom when you spray and one for the glitter.  So 2 pans, 4 pieces of aluminum foil)

2.  Let that section dry about 10-15 minutes.  Spray that section again and cover with more glitter to get every spot.  Let dry for a about 5-10 minutes.  

3.  Work on the second half of the cone, again in layers.  Let the cone dry for about 15-30 minutes.  Lightly spray the entire cone with spray adhesive so that the glitter will stay on.  Next, spray and glitter the bottom.  (Tip: When I started on the 2nd half, I inserted 2 toothpicks in the bottom so I could hold the cone and not mess anything up.  You can leave them on while you spray the bottom, the bottom doesn't have to be perfect.

4.  After several hours (or overnight) glue the finished cone to the candlestick.  The girls at eighteen25 spray painted their candlesticks white.  I wanted to (and tried with another one) but it's definitely too cold here!  I still love it with the clear candlestick.  You can use hot glue or a glue for glass (like E6000) but make sure that it stays level, both glues eat away at styrofoam.  


(Yes, the green one is leaning, too much hot glue I guess.  Oh well!)

Now I know the whole process sounds really easy.  And it pretty much is, but it is SO messy! I have glitter all over the floor (still after vacuuming & mopping).  It's all over the place and I even spent a long time cleaning.  You'll spend more time de-glittering your home than actually glittering.  If you can, do this project in a garage or outside.
Then again it could be my OCD/neat freak tendencies coming out.

And I didn't have pictures of the process because my camera is one item I wanted to stay glitter free!  Come back on day 10 to see the trees with the rest of my Christmas decor!
Also, I made several other small Christmas crafts on Saturday so come back after the 12 Days of Christmas link up to see them all!

Glitter Tree Cost:
Large cone: $2.40 @ JoAnn's (originally $3.99, used a 40% coupon)
Small cone: $1 @ Dollar Tree
Red & Green glitter: $2.39 each @ JoAnn's (originally $2.99 each, had a 20% off purchase coupon)
Spray adhesive: $5.99 @ JoAnn's (originally $11.99, 50% off coupon)
2 Candlesticks from Dollar Tree: $2
Total: $13.78 and I still have a lot of glitter and spray adhesive!


  1. Adorable!! Love those!! I'm in the mood to get crafty...maybe this will be one of my projects! Thanks for being honest about the mess! ha! :) Good luck getting the rest picked up!

  2. The messiness could just be me being OCD and not liking something to not clean up well. If that makes sense! But doing it in layers help. And sticking something in the bottom to hold (and prop up to dry). :)


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