Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

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I have a hard time with today's topic, being thrifty at Christmas.  I usually get caught up in the sales and buying for other people and go over budget.  Oops!  But this year I'm definitely doing a lot better. I want to  make a lot of gifts so there aren't too many things I'll be buying.  Last night I did most of my shopping so from now until Christmas I'll be busy crafting & sewing (not to mention learning to sew!).  Here are the few things I used when I shopped.

* Buy a Sunday newspaper ($1.75) and look through the ads.  This will help you with the next two items.

*Keep an eye out for coupons.  I saved $20 last night at Bed Bath & Beyond using the coupons I've accumulated the past few months (they take expired coupons). I also used coupons at Ulta and Bath & Body Works.

*MAKE A PLAN!  This is the biggest tip.  Before you even walk in to a store make a list of what you will get each person.  It will save you time at the stores and probably frustration from crowds.  After you have a list, break it up by store.  

*Remember that Christmas gifts don't have to be expensive to mean something to the recipient.  Most people enjoy gifts where the giver spent more time putting the gift together/creating it than money.  My encouragement, get creative!  Use google to get ideas from gift lists others have put together.  Good luck!

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  1. It's definitely worth it to buy the paper for the coupons. Saves us so much money! Thanks for adding your tips!


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