Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The cutest nephews on the block

I just may be biased, but these boys are the cutest nephews around.  I can't wait to see their cute faces in a few days and to cover them with hugs and kisses!  The oldest (Ethan) may not cooperate, but Elijah sure will!

 Baby obsessed with paper+jewelry catalog=happy baby! (unhappy dad)

Isn't that face just the cutest?! He's such a happy kiddo.

So deep in thought, probably planning a paper attack.

Ooo camera!

Would some one please come play with me?

Yayy! More paper!

Teething baby+Aunt Lauren finishing off a 2 liter of Diet Coke=a fabulous toy!  Too funny!

Isn't that awesome?! My mom finds *awesome* deals at a local flea market. Me on the other hand, I get way too overwhelmed at a flea market and "flee" the store!  Wow, my jokes are corny.

Hard core biker dude.

Elijah already liking the mo-mo!  Big brother isn't up for sharing just yet...

Darn, why did I look down & ruin the picture?

Ethan loves Uncle Brett!

 I just couldn't pass up posting this face.

Probably begging for him to give me a hug.  

At least he's sitting still.

Come back next week for Christmas pictures with these cuties.  Can't wait to watch them open presents! 

Now off to wrap said presents...

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