Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Gift Projects

I didn't intend to take such a long break, but I was incredibly busy before Christmas with shopping, making and wrapping presents.  Then during the holiday I enjoyed time with our families.  And then I developed a cold that turned into a sinus infection so I haven't been doing much the past week besides work and sleep.  Yesterday was my New Years holiday so after staying in bed for a really long time I took down our Christmas decorations and strategically put them away in one tiny closet.  Now I can work on more projects!  But first I have to organize our office/craft room/storage room/laundry room extension.  So I might have to take another small break to get that knocked out!  

But I wanted to share what I made for Christmas gifts this past Christmas!  I learned the very basics of sewing Monday before Christmas (which was Saturday) and sewed my last gift Christmas morning.  Yes I am a procrastinator.  

My first project: A camera strap for yours truly.  
I started with something for myself because I didn't want to mess up a gift.  It was a success for my first ever project!!

Decorated Dish Towels
I used a stencil I purchased and fabric paint to make this fleur di lis.  The towels were flour sack towels from Target (also available at Sam's Club).

For this towel I sewed black and while striped ribbon on.  I LOVE this ribbon.  I have discovered through clothing purchases that I am currently obsessed with stripes.  This is evidence.

Bed Buddy 
I will be making more of these!!  It is a replacement for a Bed Buddy (the thing you put in the microwave to put on your neck or other sore parts).  The purple fabric is a cover that can be removed and washed.  

Fleur Di Lis Tote
No actual sewing involved here, but I cut out a circle (using a plate as my shape to trace) from black & white polka dot fabric and used heat n bond to adhere it to a canvas bag.  Then I used freezer paper to make a fleur di lis stencil.  Check out this tutorial for freezer paper stencils.  The freezer paper worked better than the stencil I purchased!

Point and Shoot Camera Strap 
Super quick and easy, but so cute!

Another towel.  I used a doily from the dollar store and adhered it with stencil spray adhesive and painted over it with black fabric paint.  Sorry this picture is so blurry, I was in a rush and just now realized it!  This was my favorite, I didn't want to give it away!  But I did.  :)

A simple cute little birdy using green fabric paint and a freezer paper stencil.  

For this one I made a ruffle (so easy and good practice for beginning sewers) out of black and white polka dot fabric and sewed it on.  Another fave.

And a red ruffle for UofL fans.

I had planned to make other things but ran out of time.  So next Christmas it is!!  I'm excited to really get into sewing now and making lots of fun things.  There are LOTS of babies and baby showers coming up so they will probably be baby projects (not for my own though!)

And I can't do a Christmas post with out showing off my adorable nephews at Christmas.

Santa Claus, err, Elijah on Christmas with the gifts he brought.

I just love this one!!  He LOVES cameras and flashes!  He knows when you're taking a picture and gives a big grin!  Holding him is Grandpa (my dad).

This made me laugh!  Not intentional but he didn't mind.  Oh, if you were wondering, yes I bought that adorable onesie he is wearing.  

And this goober had fits of hating the camera and then just tolerating it.  No smile, just a second of toleration.  Love him to pieces though!!


  1. The doily towel would look so cute with a monogram in the white space of the doily!! Emily Stivers

  2. That was my plan! But time got away from me. I have a whole pack of doilies so I will eventually make some :)


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