Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspired Hurricanes {Tutorial}

If I could afford it, I might buy things from Pottery Barn. I said might because of several reasons.  I love bargains, they make me so much happier than paying full price.  Second, I love the satisfaction of making something stylish and pretty....from the dollar store.  I love getting "I love that!" and saying "Thanks! I made it!"  I got that several times in one day with this necklace.  Love it!

Back to Pottery Barn.  You may have seen these pieces in their store/site.

Aren't they gorgeous!  I especially LOVE the tall ones with the lids. BUT, the one's in the first picture are $54-69 and the second $16-39.  No thanks.   

Enter wonderful blogs that showed me how to do it for much cheaper.  

Step 1.  Drive to nearest Dollar Tree.

Step 2.  Pick out whatever glassware makes your heart happy.  It's all $1.  Yup. Only $1 at Dollar Tree.  

Step 3.  For each glass item you pick, get a glass candlestick.  Also $1 a piece.  (Draw back: there is only one height.  If you want the candlesticks to be different heights, swing by Goodwill, they almost always have lone candlesticks waiting to be adopted.  Or get different heights of glassware like I did) 

Step 4.  Make sure you have pretty strong glue that bonds glass (E6000 or a hot glue gun, I used E6000).

Step 5.  Head home (or also pick up some great "filler" for your hurricanes at the Dollar Store.  It will only be a dollar.)

Step 6.  Put glue on rim of candlestick.  (If you use E6000, follow the package directions and let it sit for 2 minutes before putting anything on it.  Make sure you open a window to.  It's strong.

Step 7.  Attach glass and candlestick. It was easiest for me to turn the glass upside down and put the candlestick on that way.  The trickiest part was getting it centered.  I am OCD so it mattered (a little too much).  But I don't think I even got it centered on all of them.  Twitch.

Step 8.  Let glue dry.  I let mine dry for about a day before using them.

And here are mine filled with (Dollar Tree) fall decor!

(I had the raffia already, candle from Hobby Lobby, stones from Family Dollar, leaves & gourds from Dollar Tree)

The best part about these hurricanes is that they can be used year round, just change the filler!  I already have my Christmas filler.  Yes, from Dollar Tree.

3 Candlesticks - $3.18
3 Vases - $3.18
Leaves - $1.06
Gourds - $1.06
Rocks - $1.06

Total: $9.54

I cannot find the original post that I saw this Dollar Tree idea on (sorry!) but here is another version.  I like seeing other people's versions of the same idea.  Very creative to use the "religious" candles inside!  Might have to pick one up...I plan on making another tall one (or two or three).  I really would like to get an apothecary jar with a lid and put it on a candlestick, but I can't find one for the right price.  Suggestions?

If you make some of your own, I'd love to see them!


  1. so funny. I JUST made one of those last night!! I took tutorial pics too and planned on posting it soon. My dollar tree was out of tall white candles, so I got a shorter red one. It's a tad christmasy but the filler is fall decor, so it worked out. I also love the apothecary jars with lids but can't find them anywhere under like 60 bucks! I want a set of 3 so badly to put lemons and limes in or something like that. Anyway, I think yours turned out great!

  2. They look awesome! Love you!

  3. you just did that! it is genius!

  4. Thanks! Michael's has some good apothecary jars for $15-30. And if you use a 40% coup they would be about $9-18 instead. So not too bad. When I have more space to decorate I may purchase them. Which could be a while!


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