Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I decided to join Ryan in linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesdays!!  This weather has got me in a bummed out mood, so I definitely need to think positively!

*I'm loving that the Silhouette now cuts fabric!!  This has opened up the machine up to so many more uses and projects!  I was actually looking for something to cut fabric into smaller shapes, so this saves me some moolah!!

*I'm loving that our tax return is a whole lot more than I was thinking!  That means more money towards a new car in the next few months.  Score!

*I'm loving that I have a 100% in my first class of my Masters program!  I started my first class January 13th for a Masters of Arts in Teaching for Elementary.  I hope to have my student teaching completed and graduate in Fall of 2012.  Only reason that might change would be a little one, which I am completely open to!!

*I'm loving the craft supplies I got at Michael's and Home Depot.  Hopefully I will have it completed and posted soon!  But with work and class, crafting time has decreased.  Sad panda.

*I'm loving these newbies at Gap:

 And this purse by Big Buddha.  I bought a groupon today to a shop here that sells them.  Can't wait to get mine!!

And I of course am loving my husband, even though he's working right now.  :(

 Hope you all had a great Wednesday and have a fabulous Thursday!!


  1. Enjoyed reading! Love those shoes and bag...I'm so into floral designs right now!! :) Well wouldn't a little one be exciting! :D And had no idea you were going to get into teaching...where are you going to school?

  2. Me too!! That bag is the cutest I've seen. And I love the grey!

    I'm doing an online program-University of the Cumberlands. They have a campus though. They're Campbellsville's sister school. I finally feel I'm in the right field. Yay! Thanks for visiting!


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