Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Weekend Update

Yes, some catching up is in order.  I didn't realize how much of my time school would take up!  It doesn't help that I spend a bit of time procrastinating instead of doing my schoolwork...including my blog makeover!  I tire quickly of things (why I will never have a tattoo and why I have so many purses!) so I'll probably regularly change the design.  And when I'm not doing school work (or procrastinating) I'm spending precious time with my husband (we're on different work schedules this semester so we usually only see each other on the weekends).  My classes are 8 weeks long and next week my final project is due.  I have to do a whole lesson plan complete with summary, power point and the actual plan.  It will be tough, considering this is my FIRST semester of my masters program!!  Luckily, my professor isn't too tough on grading.  Here's a class website that I had to make for an assignment a couple weeks ago (all fictional since I don't actually teach a class yet).  Oh the class I'm taking is Educational Technology.  Somewhat interesting, but I already know how to use excel, power point etc. so I could have done without that part.

Here are a few projects I've been working on during the rare times of "free time".

I made these candy coated rice krispy treats for Valentine's Day.  De-licious!!  Unfortunately can't eat these on weight watchers (oh, I started weight watchers this week - darn married lady weight gain!)

I had my friends over for some great "girl time" and here's what two of them made using my new Silhouette.

Don't you love them!  And they each cost about $5!!  Those ladies are pretty creative and it was such a great time to be with them, as always!  I'm still learning how to use the Silhouette though, vinyl is giving me a problem!

And here's a project in the works...

It's just a picture frame now, but just wait to see what it will be!  I'm hoping to finish it up this week, but that depends on my final class project.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 


  1. I like your new design! And oh my can I understand about's so tough to go to school and work full-time. Whew. Those moments of free time are a sweet treasure! Um, I hear yah on the married weight. Grr. :)


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