Tuesday, December 13, 2011

28 weeks and an update

Sorry for my absence!  I have been busy making Christmas gifts and a couple of Etsy orders, not to mention getting ready to move.  I am headed to KY at the end of this week and our stuff will be packed up early next week.  Our stuff won't be delivered until about 10 days after it's packed up.  Kind of a bummer, but doable.  Just means we will have to take a lot of stuff with us to my parents house!   And the good news is that we will be moved in before the end of the year so I can start on the nursery, finally!

My posts might be sparse for the rest of the year (which is only 18 days, crazy!), but I know you understand. :)  I do have some good stuff to share this week and I will share the gifts that I have made this year (after they are given of course!). 

In the meantime here is my 28 week picture (which is now 10 days old!).  It's hard to believe I will be 30 weeks on Friday!  So excited to meet our little girl!

Hope you survived Monday!


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