Monday, November 8, 2010

Chalkboard Menu Tutorial

I've discovered that a crafting necessity is chalkboard paint.  So I got some at Hobby Lobby and used a 50% off coupon so it wasn't so expensive.   On one of my many trips to Dollar Tree I found a board that was the perfect size for a menu board.  (Whenever I buy hideous things at the dollar store or Goodwill I hope people aren't thinking I'm going to use the item in its current state.  I have better taste than that!) And this board is no exception.

First thing I did was sand the surface a bit.  It was glossy and I wanted to be sure the paint stuck.

My chalkboard spray paint.  It also comes in a can to paint on with a brush, but I figured it would be easiest and smoothest to spray it on.  I also picked up a spray paint sprayer at Home Depot for about $2.50.  Totally worth it.  You don't get paint on you and it is better for gimpy hands (thanks Mom!).

Here's the board after a couple of several light coats.

Next I followed the directions for chalkboard paint and rubbed chalk all over and erased it.  It says the chalkboard surface will take the chalk better.  Seems to be true.

The board came with a teal sheer and flimsy ribbon so I cut it off and hot glued a color on that would go with my kitchen walls (and ribbon I already had).

I couldn't get good pictures while I was making the day of the week letters so I just have the finished product.  For each day I wrote the first letter of that day on a small circle of scrapbook paper with a calligraphy marker leftover from the wedding.  Then I glued each one onto the back of vase filler gems from Dollar Tree.  The gems are clear and flat on one side so they worked perfect.  They aren't perfect circles so I had to trim the paper a bit.  I used hot glue, but I suggest using a small line of super glue (or any other strong glue that is clear and has a fine point tip) around the edge of the paper to adhere.  Then I glued the gems onto the front of the board and voila, a chalkboard menu!  I'm just starting to plan meals out (and thus grocery shopping) so this is a cute way to do that.  

Sorry you can't see the letters.  Those gems are so shiny, even without a flash.  But I used red & white polka dot paper for the background.  I have red accents in my kitchen so it was perfect.  Also isn't this wall perfect for the board?  To the left is the fridge & kitchen counter and to the right is the hall to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

I just realized that there are fingerprints all over the chalkboard.  Ooops!! I had just put it up, so next week it will look better.   I did have to put some adhesive on the back of the board to hold it in place on the wall.  If not, it leaned because of the weight of the gems.  I used the stuff that you use to put those plastic hooks on the wall.  I hope you know what I mean because I don't know what to call it!

So now you know what Brett & I are eating for dinner this week.  Yes, last night we ate Mac & Cheese. We had a late lunch so we just wanted a snack.  And someone a while back insisted we get a 12 pack at Sam's.  It wasn't me.  But I added salsa to mine to change it up a bit.  Delicious!!

Tomorrow we're having Penn Station.  They have a GREAT deal on Tuesday's after 5 pm.  Subs are buy one get one free.  You just have to ask for the "Family Special" and you have a very cheap meal!  I usually make my own fries/potato wedges (even though theirs are great, they're still expensive). 

Board: $1
Ribbon: Already owned
Chalkboard Paint: $3.99
Gems: $1
Scrapbook Paper & Marker: Already owned
Glue: Already owned

Total Cost: $5.99


  1. Ya'll like pasta don't you!? haha :) That chalkboard is a cute idea. I wanted to tell you about this

    There's lots of cute ideas there!

  2. I do love pasta! hehe It's cheap! Thanks for the link friend!

  3. Love this! Unfortunately I don't have space in my kitchen to hang thins...but maybe I can make some as gifts. :-)

  4. It would be a great gift! :) Thanks for coming by!


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